Springtime Sprucing for your Home

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Nature is gearing up for spring, and with this season comes new scenery with fresh florae and sunshine. Take nature’s cue and spruce up your home! Some cosmetic work and even upgrades to your lighting fixtures can do wonders for your home makeover. Here are some tips for getting your home looking spring ready.


Improve Lighting

 Whatever improvements you make to your home can be elevated with the right kind of lighting. Installing new lighting fixtures can instantly transform a home and even make a space look bigger. With technology today, it is relatively easy to achieve the ambience that you want. Installing smart lightbulbs allows you to set dimming timers to save electricity. These bulbs can even change colors, all through an app or voice command device. Installing recessed lighting gives a clean look and can be controlled for brightness. Pendant lights can also be added as focal points in your rooms. You may want to lighten up darker areas, such as shelves, using under cabinet lights. Just as important are outdoor lighting fixtures, which can highlight the lines of your home and your landscaping. Adding path lighting can give off a welcoming vibe to your visitors. Plus, they continue to show off your shrubs even when the sun goes down. These fixtures are also helpful for safety and security. There are a myriad of path lighting options to choose from, including well lights, bullet lights and flood lights. You may also want to consider switching out those old front door lights with a more modern or unique design. As you make improvements to your lighting, it is highly recommended that you hire certified electricians to avoid faulty wiring and other electrical issues that can be life-threatening. Use this time to also get your electrical panel assessed by a professional.


 Spring cleaning can help keep guests’ eyes on your home enhancements and not on the clutter. Use this season to get rid of unnecessary and barely-used items around the home. Clearing up counters and keeping décor to a minimum will make a space look less chaotic and more comfortable.

 There is no better time for a fresh start or new look than the springtime. With some paint, custom lighting and decluttering, you can give your home a little facelift that is sure to give Mother Nature a run for her money.

Freshen Up Paint

Giving the exterior of your home a new coat of paint can have a huge impact on your curb appeal. Choose a color that compliments the rest of your landscape. Painting trims with an accent color on window panes, shutters and doors can give a dramatic look to your home. For the interior, use a darker color for the walls and keep the paint of the ceiling lighter. Keep in mind that neutral colors reflect more light and make a room more bright and airy. If you want to go bold, paint a statement ceiling with a pop of color. Just make sure it does not clash with the furniture or your décor.