Tips To Prevent Electrical Damage During Summer Storms

Midwest weather is notorious for having storms that can cause property damage. Unless issues are addressed properly and promptly, homeowners may be without power for a lengthy period of time. Once a storm passes, it may be tempting to try and repair any damage on your own; however, electrical repairs [...]

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April Showers Bring Power Outages

With all of the April showers, what does that mean for your electric? Because of the thunderstorms we have been getting, it’s no shock that our electric will be affected. April showers bring May flowers, but they can also bring up some serious electrical issues. We’ve created a list of [...]

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Storm Damage to outside service panel

Replace or Repair Outside Service Panel If your home’s electric service was damage during the storm on April 3rd,  call Paramount Electric. Our crews can replace or repair your outside service panel and service entry so Ameren can turn your power back on. U City received a lot of damage [...]

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