Why Install a Commercial Backup Generator?


Loss of power can be devastating for businesses. With the frequency of thunderstorms and extreme weather in St. Louis, businesses in this area are at greater risk for outages. The best way to avoid the downsides of an electrical outage is by having an alternate power source on standby. In [...]

Electrical Tips for Home Remodeling


Tackling a renovation this fall? Be sure to take electrical considerations into account! Before you get started, check out our electrical tips for home remodeling projects. Making updates to your house is a great way to raise its value and also make it more personalized to your taste and needs. [...]

Fire Prevention Week


Electrical safety is extremely important. In honor of Fire Prevention Week, we’ve provided some fire prevention tips to help you protect your home or business. When it comes to fire safety, there are many electrical issues to consider, from smoke alarm installation to appropriate light bulb wattage. About Fire Prevention [...]

Switching Your Business to LED


Buildings like gas stations and warehouses can benefit greatly from LED lighting. For cash credits and huge energy savings, try switching your business to LED. Quality lighting systems save you money and help your employees and customers stay safe, comfortable, and productive. With professionally installed LED commercial lighting from Paramount [...]

Outdoor Audio and Lighting: Cool Ideas for Your Summer BBQ


Ready to host family gatherings and BBQs this summer? Outdoor audio and lighting technology offer cool options for home automation and outdoor entertaining. Wireless music, automatic lights, and dimmers are becoming more and more popular inside the home, but what about when it’s time to move the party outside? We’ve [...]

Storm Damage to outside service panel


Replace or Repair Outside Service Panel If your home’s electric service was damage during the storm on April 3rd,  call Paramount Electric. Our crews can replace or repair your outside service panel and service entry so Ameren can turn your power back on. U City received a lot of damage [...]

Patch Panel Installation


Patch Panel Installation and Cable Organization We recently helped a customer clean up and install a new patch panel to organize and structure their data network.