outdoor audio and lighting

Ready to host family gatherings and BBQs this summer? Outdoor audio and lighting technology offer cool options for home automation and outdoor entertaining. Wireless music, automatic lights, and dimmers are becoming more and more popular inside the home, but what about when it’s time to move the party outside? We’ve put together some info on the latest outdoor products and features that are sure to impress your friends and neighbors and help you throw some awesome patio parties this summer.

Cool Products and Features for Outdoor Entertaining

Today many options and cool features are available to homeowners looking to transform their yard or patio into a fun and magical place. For premium home entertainment, consider stepping up your game with the following audio and lighting technology:

  • Outdoor speakers and camouflaged speakers
  • Wireless audio systems, such as Denon Heos
  • LED lighting
  • Solar lighting for the garden
  • Creative pathway, patio, and pool lighting
  • Wireless smart switches and dimmers
  • Motion detectors and timers
  • Mobile apps that let you operate all of the above using your smartphone or tablet

Added Benefits of Outdoor Audio and Lighting

Outdoor audio and lighting systems are not only impressive and fun for your summer guests, but they’re also super convenient for you. With wireless capabilities allowing you to control all systems from the palm of your hand, customized home entertaining is quick and easy. Outdoor landscape lighting can also be used to enhance curb appeal and increase home security.

How to Get Started

Paramount Electric is your one-stop-shop for all outdoor audio and lighting needs. We will help you create a design personalized to your needs, find the products and fixtures you want, and take care of all necessary permits, wiring, and installation. You’ll be entertaining friends and neighbors in no time.

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