5 Electrician Do’s and Don’ts to Live By

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Basic electrician work is important. Even something as simple as custom lighting or ceiling fan installation takes time and care to finish. No matter how much you think you know about electronics, you should never complete electrical work without the supervision of a certified electrician. When you need work done, your first question should be “where can I find an electrician near me?” If you don’t follow basic electrical safety guidelines, the results can be dangerous and devastating. Here are some simple dos and don’ts to follow when dealing with electrical work.

Do Not Overload Your Outlets

The outlets in your home have a specific design. They only deliver a certain amount of electricity. You should never try to overload your outlet or push them past their limits. If you plug in too many devices at once, then you risk an explosion or fire. Say that you recently had a home theater install and have too many electronics to plug in. Consider investing in a power strip or consulting an electrician to protect your outlets from an overload.

Do Keep Electrical Equipment Out of Water

You should already know that you should never put electrical equipment near water. Water conducts electricity and the slightest exposure might lead to a dangerous shock. Even if you don’t think a small amount of water will cause any damage, it’s crucial that you wipe up messes automatically. Make sure that none of your plugs or appliances end up wet.

Do Repair or Replace Damaged Cords

 Some homeowners overlook exposed wiring or damaged cords. If the cord still works, they assume that it will be fine. This isn’t always the case, however. If you spy tears in the protective coating with the wire exposed, you need to make sure to cover it as soon as possible. Sometimes electrical tape can save a cord, if it’s only a superficial problem. However, with extensively damaged cords, they need replacements right away.

Do Not Constantly Reset Breaker

If the breaker trips, sometimes you can reset it and go about your day as normal. If you know what caused the breaker to trip, simply turn off the electrical device to avoid overloading the circuit. If the breaker trips again as soon as you reset it, then you need to investigate the cause. If you can’t find the cause, you do not want to keep resetting the breaker.

Do Hire an Electrician

If you need electrical work performed on your home, hire a professional first. Whether you’re installing new kitchen lighting, a shower light or making upgrades to your control panels, it’s better to have a professional to do the job right. Amateur work tends to lead to more errors. Not only will bad electrical work lead to devices not working properly, but you could also end up with fire hazards or electric shock risks throughout your home.


Electrical safety is important. If you’re worried that there are electrical problems in your home, then you need to contact an electrician right away. Problems with your general electric work can end in fire or electric shock. Keep your family safe and search for an “electrician near me.”