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Switching Your Home to LED

Ready to make the transition to energy efficient LED lighting? There are many advantages to switching your home to LED, including electric bill savings, environmental health, and the convenience of having light bulbs that can last up to 20 years or more. Keep reading to learn all you need to [...]

Switching Your Home to LED2017-05-23T13:49:09+00:00

How to Lower Your Electric Bill

As the St. Louis weather heats up and you start pumping the AC, you may see your electric bill start to climb. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or saving up for the next school year, summer is the perfect time to think about how you can reduce home utilities [...]

How to Lower Your Electric Bill2017-05-23T13:49:09+00:00

Universal Design Lighting Schemes

Tackling a home remodeling project this summer? When remodeling different parts of the house, consider incorporating Universal Design lighting schemes. Universal Design lighting helps reduce shadows and improve visibility throughout your home, making it a safer place for all family members—despite age or ability. What Is Universal Design? Universal Design [...]

Universal Design Lighting Schemes2017-05-23T13:49:09+00:00

Yard Work Safety Tips

Spring is the perfect time for gardening, lawn care, and landscaping. You’re probably familiar with the common warning, “call before you dig.” But there are also several other electrical safety considerations that you should be aware of. Before tackling yard work and other outdoor projects this spring, be sure to [...]

Yard Work Safety Tips2017-05-23T13:49:09+00:00

How to Deal with Electrical Storm Damage

Spring storm season has arrived in St. Louis. In the event of a lightning storm or flash flood, be sure to stay safe and act smart. Thunderstorms can cause several different types of electrical storm damage, including power outage. Keep reading to learn more about what electrical problems can occur [...]

How to Deal with Electrical Storm Damage2017-05-23T13:49:09+00:00

Electrical Safety During Storms and Floods

Beware the ides of March! Spring storm season is here. And you know what that means: thunder, lightning, lots of rain, and (potentially) floods. Electrical storms and flash floods pose many safety hazards and can be very dangerous. To help keep you and your family safe this spring, we’ve put [...]

Electrical Safety During Storms and Floods2017-05-23T13:49:09+00:00

6 Custom Kitchen Lighting Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of the home. If you’re remodeling or updating, custom lighting is a great way to enhance the look of your kitchen. Start by developing a carefully thought-out lighting plan, making sure all areas of your kitchen are lighted with their specific purpose in mind. Options [...]

6 Custom Kitchen Lighting Ideas2017-05-23T13:49:09+00:00

Holiday Electrical Safety Tips

  Happy Holidays from Paramount Electric! This time of year is full of joy and cheer, but it’s also a time to look out for electrical hazards. Things like holiday lights, festive decorations, and home heating during cold weather may pose electrical dangers in the home. To help keep you [...]

Holiday Electrical Safety Tips2017-05-23T13:49:09+00:00

Why Install a Commercial Backup Generator?

Loss of power can be devastating for businesses. With the frequency of thunderstorms and extreme weather in St. Louis, businesses in this area are at greater risk for outages. The best way to avoid the downsides of an electrical outage is by having an alternate power source on standby. In [...]

Why Install a Commercial Backup Generator?2017-05-23T13:49:09+00:00

Electrical Tips for Home Remodeling

Tackling a renovation this fall? Be sure to take electrical considerations into account! Before you get started, check out our electrical tips for home remodeling projects. Making updates to your house is a great way to raise its value and also make it more personalized to your taste and needs. [...]

Electrical Tips for Home Remodeling2017-05-23T13:49:09+00:00